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UH study says e-cigarettes may help smokers quit


With the Great American Smokeout just around the corner this Thursday, cigarette smokers may look for ways to quit. According to a KITV4 report, a study from University of Hawai‘i researchers may have the solution: e-cigarettes.Electronic cigarette through high-tech silicon chip and air flow sensors to control smoke output and work status, nicotine is atomized containing nicotine and flavor solution is atomized into particles absorbed through the lungs, but spit out simulated smoke. And without cigarette tar and other harmful ingredients, it does not produce second-hand smoke will not be filled or filled in a confined space; and the traditional cigarette tobacco or tobacco-ignition combustion is also jeopardize the smokers and non-smokers health.

University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center Prevention and Control Program researchers Pallav Pokhrel and Thaddeus Herzog have found that smokers who use e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking tend to be younger and more motivated to quit.

“If e-cigarettes are found to be relatively safer and effective as cessation aids, the appeal that they have for younger adults should be used to enhance smoking cessation among younger smokers,” said Dr. Pokhrel.

Additionally, the study revealed that smokers who use e-cigarettes are more motivated to quit than those who tried nicotine replacement gum or patches.

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